Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Future Plans

The end of the school year is pretty soon and this makes me reflect about my future.  I'm sure that I want to continue with my career.  It is the future of my famly and mine.  I would teach my children, encorage them, and motivate them to finish their studies and reach the university with high grades.

I finished my ESL classes and I want to follow with regular college classes.  I know it is a challenge but I'am sure about my achievement.

I want to thank Mary Pat my tutor who always encourages me all the time, and I'm sure she will stand by me. She is a wonderful person, and I apreciate her patience for everyone.

Canada College has different ways to help the students. I have used them and they are very helpful. For example I planed to take English 400 and I know we have tutors that can help us, so see you the next semester with much more energy.

I woould like to thank my teachers Jeanne Gross, Alicia Aguirre, Jaque Phillips, and Ms. Jung for all of their support and encoragement.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter time reminds me when my family and I used to have a religious celebration.  In my father's town the people have strong traditions about this special celebration.  They start with Wednesday's ashes where people in the church cover the holy statues with purple clothes.  Catholics receive from a priest the ashes as a symbol when Jesus Christ spent 40 days in the desert.  Every Friday catholic community doesn't eat meat and for the rest of the holy week too.  The "Palm Sunday" is when the people wave blessed palms in a religious cetremony.
On "Holy Thursday" people gather together in the church and man who represents Jesus Christ washes and kisses people's feet who represent the apostles in the ceremony.  Suddenly the persons who represent the "Pharisees" come to arrest Jesus.
On "Good Friday" the people reenact Jesus' trial.  Then they procced to the way of the cross.  Jesus is beaten by the Pharisees and consequently he is crucified on the hills of the town.
The next day the families gather and prepare meals.  At noon they say that "The Glory is Open" , and people at the church uncover the holy statues.
Children and young people start to play with buckets of water until they get wet and adults spend good time.
On "Easter Sunday" people go to the church because this day represents Jesus rebirth.  This a very important celebration because it marks a renewal for the catholic community.
I don't have any relatives here, so it is difficult to preserve those traditions here, but I happily remember them.
I tell them to my children in order that to teach them, so that they won't forget our roots.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conflict into the Middle East

The situation in the Middle East right now is very complex.  Several countries such as Egypt, Lybia, Tunisia Bahrain,etc; are trying to overthrow despots and establish some kind of democratic government.

I feel supportive of these situations because I believe people should have rights and freedom.

One of the factors influencing this problem is the world economy.  Right now the poor are getting poor and they're deperate enough to risk their lives for a good change.  In fact they need more food on their tables that any philosophy.

Meanwhile, events in Egypt make me hopeful. The poeple got rid of Mubarak.  I wish Lybia weren't  so complex.  It looks like Qaddafi will not leave.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Redwood the best climate?

I like pretty much sunny days.  In contrast, we have had rainy, cloudy, and windy days that have kept us inside our house.

This kind of weather doesn't affect me directly at all.  I managed it with umbrellas, boots, and rain coats, but my daughter was affected by this bad weather . She got pneumonia the past two weeks and I had to spent one entire night  at emergency room in a hospital.

Although she was very sick, she went back to school recentlly. Now she knows the effect of the weather on us and she is more careful about that.  On the other hand, I try to take some precautions that we need to keep us healthy.

Finally, we really don't know how the weather will be next. Sometimes we have a beautiful sunny day and sometimes we have a rainy gray day.  Don't you think?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Famous President

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president  of  the United States and his vision was that the United States was a great nation without divisions.

Lincoln has influenced me because  he never gave up.  He tried again and again until he reached the presidency of the United States.  As a lawyer, Lincoln was a person of integrity, and he always tried to be  an honest man with all the people.  Lincoln tried to abolish the slavery.  I don't like the injustices either so I identify with him.  He liked to treat people in the same manner.  No matter what nationality they were. Therefore, some people liked him, but others didn't.

Lincoln's acomplishment was the victory against the Confederate States. Lincoln wanted have one nation and to abolish the slavery. Skeptical people didn't believe it could be done.

Lincoln made a lasting impresion in the minds and hearts of the American people.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Chinese Horoscope

In the Chinese Hororscope I belong to the year of the Rat.

My year sign is similar to my characteristics. I relate to this animal because i like to make friends everywhere and keep them. Also, I like to invent new ways to cook new foods.  I like to sing and dance.  I feel these characteristics are related with being astist.

Yes, reading these characteristics are helpful in weighingmy character.  I am friendly, cook in new ways, and enjoy singing and dancing.  These are all tipical of people born in the year of the rat.

The sources that guide me are mainly people such as Mary Pat my tutor, my teachers and my husband.

My future goal

My short term goal is to finish the ESL classes succesfully.

In achieving my goal, I always remember my previous professors encouraging me in their classes. That no matter how hard it is along the way don't give up.

I have a very nice and helpful tutor. Her name is Mary Pat and she always pushing me to work harder each day. In addition, I take the advantages of the Learning Center and our Library.

I have two little children,but this is not an obstacle for me. They are my reason to keep going on every day.