Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Famous President

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president  of  the United States and his vision was that the United States was a great nation without divisions.

Lincoln has influenced me because  he never gave up.  He tried again and again until he reached the presidency of the United States.  As a lawyer, Lincoln was a person of integrity, and he always tried to be  an honest man with all the people.  Lincoln tried to abolish the slavery.  I don't like the injustices either so I identify with him.  He liked to treat people in the same manner.  No matter what nationality they were. Therefore, some people liked him, but others didn't.

Lincoln's acomplishment was the victory against the Confederate States. Lincoln wanted have one nation and to abolish the slavery. Skeptical people didn't believe it could be done.

Lincoln made a lasting impresion in the minds and hearts of the American people.

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  1. Dulce, I appreciated reading your blog about Lincoln. He was a very important leader in our history! I recently heard a historian describing some of the complexities of his abhorence of slavery. Though he struggled to find the best way to end it, he was indeed opposed to it and took serious risks to end it. I definitely see your lawyer mentality! And that is a compliment, Jeanne