Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Future Plans

The end of the school year is pretty soon and this makes me reflect about my future.  I'm sure that I want to continue with my career.  It is the future of my famly and mine.  I would teach my children, encorage them, and motivate them to finish their studies and reach the university with high grades.

I finished my ESL classes and I want to follow with regular college classes.  I know it is a challenge but I'am sure about my achievement.

I want to thank Mary Pat my tutor who always encourages me all the time, and I'm sure she will stand by me. She is a wonderful person, and I apreciate her patience for everyone.

Canada College has different ways to help the students. I have used them and they are very helpful. For example I planed to take English 400 and I know we have tutors that can help us, so see you the next semester with much more energy.

I woould like to thank my teachers Jeanne Gross, Alicia Aguirre, Jaque Phillips, and Ms. Jung for all of their support and encoragement.

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