Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Chinese Horoscope

In the Chinese Hororscope I belong to the year of the Rat.

My year sign is similar to my characteristics. I relate to this animal because i like to make friends everywhere and keep them. Also, I like to invent new ways to cook new foods.  I like to sing and dance.  I feel these characteristics are related with being astist.

Yes, reading these characteristics are helpful in weighingmy character.  I am friendly, cook in new ways, and enjoy singing and dancing.  These are all tipical of people born in the year of the rat.

The sources that guide me are mainly people such as Mary Pat my tutor, my teachers and my husband.

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  1. Dulce, how wonderful that you have identified admirable, life-affirming qualities in the Chinese horoscope system with which to identify! Cooking in new ways and singing and dancing bring us all joy. I'd love to hear more about Mary Pat. Is she a tutor at the college or through Project READ? Please share a picture of your two children also! Jeanne